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Hidden Charms (RBLP002)

Charlie Lincoln, The Two Poor Boys, Mae Glover, Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band, Chicken Wilson And Skeeter Hinton, James Cole’s Washboard Four, Jabo Williams, Dallas String Band, Henry Son Sims, Teddy Darby, Buddy Moss, King David’s Jug Band, Johnny Temple, Buddy Boy Hawkins, Stump Johnson and more…

At long last, the much-anticipated follow up to what has been our biggest and most consistent selling piece of twelve inch vinyl over recent years – Every Day In The Week Volume 1 (RBLP001)

This follow-up has been underway for quite a while and, now that it has arrived, it is easy to why it has taken the time it has. The love and care that has gone into the preparation and presentation is obvious, not least in the impressively evocative sleeve artwork and juicy 12 page A-4 sized booklet that accompanies the music. This booklet once again features great photos and visuals that wrap around a well-researched and written song-by-song summary from renowned blues scholar, Alex Van Der Tuuk.

All this praise and joy and we haven’t even got to the music yet! Just like the first volume, this includes some fine and mighty rare hard-hitting country bluesmen, hokum and jug bands, medicine show songsters, old-timey string bands and hot jazz orchestras. Where this second volume improves upon the previous release however is that it is now a double album, multiplying the number of musical delights from 14 tracks to a joyous bounty of 28!

Suffice to say that we don’t have space to go through these individually but, as with Volume 1, every one is a blast and many are seriously obscure; a further testament to the love, care and effort that has gone into researching and producing what must have been a massive labour of love.

To state the bleedin’ obvious, this 2LP set is a must-have for all lovers of early blues and jazz on vinyl.  Let’s hope that a Volume 3 is already being considered!

Review Date: April 2016

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