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Gone Baby Gone, So Good To Be Here, Mixed Up Shook Up Girl, Rainy Night In Georgia, Love On A Two Way Street, Pearl Of The Quarter, Cadillac Walk, Corinna Corinna, Can I Change My Mind, Dry Spell, You Got Me Cryin', Sunny Gone

It is said in sport that class is permanent, form is temporary. If such concepts apply also to music, the embodiment of class to me is Boz Scaggs.

He simply oozes the stuff and here he is once more, some eight years since his last studio recordings, bringing us another master class in tastefully sung, played and presented blue eyed soul.

With only two newly written originals among the twelve tracks, Boz might be accused of taking his laid-back demeanour to new levels. The two originals however are belters, the opener Gone Baby Gone being a lovely slice of classic Boz that could comfortably fit alongside any of his past classics. And the other, Sunny Gone, is magnificently reflective and subtle; as only Boz can do. Furthermore, the other 10 tracks may be covers, but they are all splendid selections, from a surprising take on Steely Dan's Pearl Of The Quarter to Mink DeVille's jaw-droppingly good Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl. His version of Rainy Night In Georgia strongly suggests that this song was specifically written by Brook Benton with Boz in mind to perform it. There are also a few strong blues numbers, a charming rendition of the traditional Corinna, Corinna and others that just beg to be heard time and time again.

I know I'm a fan anyway but trust me on this, there is not a dud amongst them, just a classy album from start to finish.

Review Date: April 2013

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