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Revola (CRBAND19)

Sittin' On It All The Time, A Love Untrue, Fishtail Blues, Lovin' Machine, Good Morning Judge, Destination Love & more.

There are other Wynonie CDs available worthy of attention but  this wins the vote as my favourite.

First issued in 2007 and now re-pressed and re-issued, this presents 30 tracks from his golden period and every one is a winner. As well as many of his best known and biggest-selling numbers such as Mr Dollar, Bloodshot Eyes, Lovin' Machine and Good Morning Judge, there are also loads of great sides that don't get the attention that their qualities merit - just check out the great lyrics and performance on Just Like Two Drops Of Water, the full-tilt ebullience of Destination Love or the cool guitar-driven rhythm of Christina and you should be won over.

The sheer enjoyment Wynonie brings to his music is fuelled by his obvious commitment not just to singing about women, wine and more women but to living the lifestyle as well. There is hardly anyone I can think of who is able to convince as well as Wynonie that the songs he was singing are truly reflective of the life he was living. Thankfully for us, the life he was singing about appears to have been one long party, a perfect synthesis of the blues shouting musical style of his friend and mentor, Big Joe Turner,  the twinkle-behind-the-eyes of Louis Jordan and the lust for life of Louis Prima. And the bands he fronted, such orchestras run by Todd Rhodes and Lucky Millinder featured top notch musicians and great musical arrangers.

There aren't enough words that can be said about the joy and spirit that jump out of these sides, so if you need a little something to pep up your mood at any time, I'd recommend that you keep this CD within easy reach to sort you out. At any given time it is guaranteed to put that ‘cut back in your strut and that glide back into your stride' (if I remember my  Tom Waits lyrics as I think I do!) 

Review Date: January 2013

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