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NorthernBlues (NBM0059)

You all know by now that Watermelon Slim is a big Red Lick favourite so we are, once again, going around like the cat that has the cream - and have been ever since this new studio album hit the doormat.

As with 2009's 'Escape From The Chicken Coop (NBM0054), he has again teamed up with some of the cream of Nashville studio musicians and turned out a country-tinged album full over the usual Slim preoccupations - life on the road, good old boys, fallen women, music and drinking, with a little bit of social comment slipped in here and there just to spice things up a bit.

Suffice to say, its another killer. Whether he inhabits the persona of a bluesman or redneck country old boy, he certainly carries it off completely and authentically.

On this CD you get 14 tracks, mostly originals, and he is in superb voice throughout. I don't know about you but I could listen to him read the shipping report or cribbage results from your local league and still be captivated. And, as always, when he plays his slide guitar your small hairs stand to attention!

This arrived a little late to get the usual Red Lick review treatment but, fear not, the good news that it is in stock now and there is plenty to enjoy in these grooves.

Buy this now and immerse yourself in Slim's world once more. You won't be sorry!


Review Date: July 2010

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